(WATCH) Anderson Cooper Mocks Kellyanne Conway For Claiming Trump’s Wall is not a Wall

Yesterday President Trump tweeted, “BUILD A WALL & CRIME WILL FALL!”

Yesterday, Kellyanne Conway also seemingly tried to tell reporters that the wall is not really a wall, and CNN’s Anderson Cooper had a little bit of fun, mocking the arguably ridiculous remarks of the counselor to the president.  He introduced the segment by saying, “every once in a while, every once in a super blood wolf moon, the ridiculous just writes itself. Tonight is that night.”

He then jumped into showing video of Kellyanne Conway from earlier in the day. Conway was asked by a reporter about her opinions toward a new CBS poll which showed that an astounding 71 percent of Americans do not believe Trump’s wall is worth the government shutdown.  She responded with quite the confusing answer:

“I’m asking you why you are still saying wall, when the president said you can call it whatever you want to call it…. I don’t understand why it’s so difficult to get beyond what you all, most of you want to make a four-letter word, ‘wall,’ when the president said to Chuck Schumer very specifically and the president has said many times since publicly — call it what you want to call it but let’s secure our border.”

Anderson Cooper then went on to mock Conway for her remarks, as seen in the video clip below, posted by Anderson Cooper 360.


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