WATCH: Analyst Explains Why Melania Could be Embarrassed by Trial

Melania Trump certainly knew what she was getting into when she decided to marry Donald Trump. The then-businessman had carried on very public affairs that resulted in two previous divorces. While they don't seem to like each other very much, Donald and Melania seem to be getting what they want out of the marriage. 

Still, Donald Trump's wife hasn't been interested in attending his current trial. CNN's Kirsten Holmes and Alyssa Farah Griffin discussed Melania and how the case involves her on Tuesday. 

Former Trump-staffer Farah Griffin began:

"I would be very surprised if she ended up showing up in this specific case. These allegations have been out there since he ran in 2016. Voters have familiarity with them, but the difference this time is if someone like Karen McDougal or someone affiliated with her takes the stand, that's under her oath. That carries a different weight than going and giving a media interview and alleging that you had some kind of affair."

Holmes then weighed in, "I think that she is her own person. She believes that some of this might be true. It caused a lot of tension when he was in office when these first reports came out. And I was told by an advisor that at the time that Melania Trump knows who she married, but she doesn't want to be embarrassed. And the part of this is that she's not going to choose to come here and listen to these salacious details. She's never been a stand-by-your-man type of first lady."