WATCH: Amy Klobuchar Reprimands Ted Cruz Like the Petulant Toddler He Is

When Texas Republican Ted Cruz chooses to act like a toddler instead of a 50-year-old member of the United States Senate, Senate Rules Committee Co-Chair Amy Klobuchar (D-MN) treats him like one.


During a hearing on Tuesday, Cruz referred to the For the People Act as a “brazen power grab by Democrats” who “decided that democracy isn’t worth it.” Democrats, Cruz growled at Klobuchar, “want to fix the game so that the voters don’t have control over our elections.”

Knowing full well that what Cruz was saying was characteristically hypocritical and categorically untrue, a clearly exasperated Klobuchar reminded Cruz of his role in contesting the 2020 election and championing ex-President Donald Trump’s siege on the United States Capitol.

“Okay so I have so much issues with what you just said because I’m thinking back to 2016 when in fact Hillary Clinton conceded the election, when in fact we had an Electoral College – I know because Senator [Roy] Blunt [R-MO] and I were in charge of it and then-Vice President [Joe] Biden was presiding over it – and it went through. We didn’t object to those results,” said Klobuchar, who then put Cruz right where he belonged:

Then let’s fast forward to the day of the insurrection – to January 6th – when in fact you, Senator Cruz, not all of your colleagues here today, you were contesting the Electoral College. You were leading – you were one of the leaders on the effort to say that the election results were not correct, and so you wonder why we want to make sure that people have the right to vote. Well it’s because of this kind of rhetoric and this kind of behavior and an insurrection of the Capitol and a former president that is still maintaining that he somehow won the election when we all know it was not true. And so that’s why when you ask why we are still interested in protecting our democracy from that day of January 6th on, I think that’s your answer.

But while Klobuchar was speaking, Cruz dismissively sank into his phone to tweet about a soda.

Watch below via The Recount:

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