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[WATCH] Alleged Sex Trafficker Matt Gaetz Was One of 20 House GOP to Vote Against a Human Trafficking Bill

[WATCH] Alleged Sex Trafficker Matt Gaetz Was One of 20 House GOP to Vote Against a Human Trafficking Bill

The House overwhelmingly passed a bipartisan bill to support human trafficking victims on Tuesday, with a strong vote of 401-20 backed by both Democratic and Republican Representatives. This means 20 Republicans voted against protecting humans from horrific human rights violations. All of them have been vocal regarding their alleged hatred of sex trafficking and pedophiles, so why would they all vote against the bill? Especially the one who’s currently under FBI investigation for sex trafficking?

Florida Man Matt “Captain Venmo” Gaetz took a break from harassing a Gen Z Latina activist (who’s raised over $275K for abortion rights since he used his official government Twitter account to body shame her) and voted to make sure he can still stay in his (OK FINE WHATEVER ALLEGED) sex trafficking ring without being punished like his buddy Joel Greenberg.

“Eeeeeeeeeevil.” (Photo by Alex Wong/Getty Images)

The Terrible Traitorous Twenty are all the usual Ultra MAGA Morons, some of whom asked Donald Trump for “blanket” pardons before he left office. All of them were denied, yet all remain loyal. So weird that these garbage people are still picking up Trump’s trash for him, but they’re all compromised and in a cult.

Among the No voters was Marjorie Taylor Greene, (R-Moscow), the mother of two teenage daughters who also makes a lot of noise about pedophiles and sex trafficking but hangs out with sex trafficking pedophiles. Makes zero sense to me, but then again, Marjorie is now openly flaunting her White Nationalism while complaining about people talking about her white nationalism, so when my head stops spinning maybe something will make sense.

Yeah I did. We don’t have to be nice to traitorous Nazis, you know. Here they all are:

Twitter has been raking both Gaetz and Greene over the coals these last few days thanks to their harassment and bullying, and it’s one of those unifying moments where you can get a glimpse of what’s left of humanity.

Our friends at Meidas Touch dragged all twenty to utter filth too.

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