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WATCH: Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez’s Sexual Harraser Gets Profiled & It Is Brutal

WATCH: Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez’s Sexual Harraser Gets Profiled & It Is Brutal

Alex Stein has been getting a lot of attention since he filmed himself on the steps of the Capitol Building, shouting crude comments to Representative Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez as she headed to work, and she called him out for it on her own social media. Now the attention seems to be digging a little deeper than he might have preferred.

[Screenshot via Gabe Sanchez & Meidas Touch/YouTube]

As it turns out, Stein has quite a history of trying to get noticed by any means possible, Gabe Sanchez reveals on an episode of his podcast, What Was That?. In fact, Gabe gets pretty brutal as he digs into Stein’s past, including his very brief appearance on a reality show where he “was so bad at playing a villain he served no purpose,” and “by the end of the first episode, almost every contestant voted him off the show.”

That’s a fraction of the background Sanchez shares about Stein, who also seems to have a history of showing up at legislative meetings in Texas for attention-seeking stunts. In fact, Sanchez traces Stein’s record of trolling all the way back to his school years, where, he reports, “Most of Stein’s high school classmates found him annoying, immature, and, you guessed it, desperate for attention.”


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Well, now Stein has that attention, and it may not be quite all he was hoping for — as Sanchez points out he’s been shut out of at least one comedy venue, and had a minuscule crowd show up to support him when he relocated.

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