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Watch: Alex Jones & Senator Marco Rubio’s Physical Confrontation

Watch: Alex Jones & Senator Marco Rubio’s Physical Confrontation

As a CNBC reporter tried to interview Marco Rubio outside a Senate hearing on interference in U.S. elections, conspiracy theorist Alex Jones interrupted repeatedly, speaking over Rubio and even reaching out to touch the senator, prompting a warning to back off. “I’ll take care of you myself,” warned Rubio, as Jones mocked him.

Marco Rubio promoted his appearance at the hearing beforehand, releasing statements on Twitter to address how social media sites are used to share ideas — and in turn, to suggest that censorship is being used to control which ideas are seen by the public.

It’s a topic of particular interest to Alex Jones, who has been removed from multiple platforms for posts and videos attacking LGBT people, Muslims, immigrants, and other groups.

At a press gaggle held by Marco Rubio outside the hearing, Jones was at the front of the crowd, and demanded that Rubio acknowledge him. When Jones tried to answer a question for Rubio, speaking loudly over the senator, Rubio laughed and said, “I don’t know who you — who is this guy?”

Jones insisted that Rubio acknowledge his presence and importance. “Look at this guy. He’s saying I don’t exist and they’re deplatforming me.”

Rubio continued, “I just don’t know who you are, man.”

According to CNBC, this is when Alex Jones placed his hand on Rubio’s shoulder, and had it promptly removed by a security guard.

When Rubio told Jones, “Don’t touch me again, man,” Jones taunted, “Well sure, I just patted you nicely. You want me to get arrested.”

Rubio warned, “You’re not gonna get arrested. I’ll take care of it myself.”

Jones responded, “Oh, he’ll beat me up!”

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Rolling his eyes, Rubio says, “I didn’t say that, either.”

In a video posted to Twitter by Infowars producer Rob Dew, Jones can be seen continuing to make a scene, calling Rubio a “little gangster thug,” loudly calling out that Rubio has “threatened to physically take care of” him, and talking over Rubio further to declare that Democrats are “raping Republicans” and “raping InfoWars.”

When Rubio continues to ignore him, Jones calls out again, “I wonder why Rubio got so mad at me and threatened me physically.”


As Rubio leaves, he tells the reporters that he has to be in committee, but they can “talk to this clown.”

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