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WATCH: Alex Jones Seems Quite Concerned About January 6th Committee Obtaining His Phone Records

WATCH: Alex Jones Seems Quite Concerned About January 6th Committee Obtaining His Phone Records

The January 6th Committee has spoken with numerous witnesses, and obtained heaps of records — but there’s still a lot of resistance from some of Donald Trump’s cronies. However, they’ve now gained access to a trove of information that could be useful — and it’s all thanks to Alex Jones’ legal team.

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As previously reported, Jones was in court facing a jury to determine punitive and compensatory fines for his role in stoking hatred and promoting conspiracy theories that resulted in the harassment of parents whose child was lost in the Sandy Hook Elementary shooting, when the plaintiffs’ attorney dropped a bombshell. It turns out his attorney accidentally sent a file that contained an entire digital copy of his phone — including two years of texts.

By the next day in court, the news broke that the January 6th Committee wanted a copy — and that attorney Mark Bankston intended to turn it over immediately.

Now, if the Committee doesn’t have that data in hand yet, they will soon, and Jones seems to be panicking, releasing a video message from an attorney, Robert Barnes — who emphasizes that he does not represent Infowars — saying that this is a violation of Jones’ rights.

Jones introduces Barnes as “my attorney,” then quickly pivots, downgrading Barnes’ role to “counselor or advisor,” and Barnes affirms that he’s not working for Infowars but believes that Jones’ Fourth, Fifth, and Sixth Amendment rights are being violated by Bankston “illicitly obtaining [Jones’] attorney-client privilege protected information,” although Jones’ own attorneys sent the material, and according to Bankston, failed to assert any privilege over it after being notified.

“So what the January 6th Committee is doing, is violating the Fourth Amendment right against unreasonable searches, the Fifth Amendment right to due process of law, and the Sixth Amendment right to counsel, by seizing and stealing attorney-client privileged communications that cannot constitutionally belong to them. It’s an outrage that should concern every American, because in this case, like so many other cases, Alex Jones is everybody and everybody is Alex Jones.”

It doesn’t seem to be the first time Barnes has been upset by the potential for serious consequences stemming from the attack on the Capitol. He previously called January 6th “one minor incident” — specifically citing the case of a defendant charged with assaulting police, who he seems to insinuate should not be held in lockup while awaiting trial.

As for the legality of Jones’ documents being turned over, while his attorneys have asked for — and been denied — a mistrial over their oopsie, he doesn’t seem to be taking any other legal actions to try to prevent the texts from being handed to law enforcement and Congress, so far.

If he’s upset, he may not be the only one — Donald Trump lashed out at the January 6th Committee again on his Truth Social account after the news broke that the panel would recieve Jones’ communications, resharing a June post in which he insinuated that the investigation — along with all other investigations into his alleged criminal activity — is just a partisan attack.

[Screenshot via Truth Social]

Of course, that’s a pretty typical Trump post (as evidenced by the fact that it was originally posted almost two months ago), but along with another referencing Cassidy Hutchinson, and another “retruth” suggesting that the FBI exonerated Trump, it could also be an indication that something put the Committee on his mind on Thursday — and Alex Jones seems a likely link.

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