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WATCH: Alex Jones Seeking Mistrial Over Texts He Claimed To Hand Over Willingly

WATCH: Alex Jones Seeking Mistrial Over Texts He Claimed To Hand Over Willingly

Alex Jones’ trial takes a new turn as, after two days of testimony, his attorney asks the judge to rule to protect texts and other data that was accidentally sent to counsel for the plaintiffs. It could be the first step toward Jones asking for a mistrial.

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First, let’s recap — in court on Wednesday, Jones was being questioned by Mark Bankston, the attorney for the plaintiffs, two parents who lost a child in the Sandy Hook murders. According to Bankston, he had requested that Jones turn over any messages on his phone relating to Sandy Hook, and Jones said that he didn’t have any.

Bankston asked Jones if he knew that his attorney had inadvertently sent over a copy of his entire phone, including years of messages, and explained that this is how he, Bankston, knows that Jones is lying. Jones dodged the question, and began to pretend he had authorized the share of the messages. (That clip can be seen here.)

“So you did get my text messages. You said you didn’t. Nice trick.”

According to Bankston, he notified Jones’ counsel, and provided the requisite ten days to assert privilege before considering the data “in my possession, free and clear.”

Now Jones’ attorney claims that he did respond, asked Bankston to delete the link without accessing the material, and that he’d “work on” a new link with only the appropriate data. Note he does not say whether he ever sent this new link.

“We filed an emergency motion for protection this morning,” he says, going on to explain that the link contained “confidential, attorney-client privilege, and contained medical records of people, a whole variety of things that should not have been turned over.

In video clips shared by Cathy Russon of Law&Crime, you can see Bankston respond, saying that he has received no request to identify any documents as privileged, and arguing that there are no grounds for a mistrial based on the failure of Jones’ attorneys to properly handle documents.

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Whatever the judge decides, there are additional potential consequences for Jones from the disclosure of these files — his ex-wife says she’s filing a subpoena to get a copy.

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