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WATCH: Alex Jones Says the United States is Dead After What Happened to Him and Steve Bannon

WATCH: Alex Jones Says the United States is Dead After What Happened to Him and Steve Bannon

This has been a big week for Democratic schadenfreude. Steve Bannon was taken into custody after refusing a congressional subpoena. And Alex Jones was found liable for his claims about the Sandy Hook massacre.

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Despite both men facing the obvious consequences for their actions, they are painting themselves as victims. Bannon threatened that he would take down the Biden regime. Jones took it a step further, saying that this proves the United States is dead.

During his Monday show, Jones lamented, “Folks. They were always going to default us, and they’re always going to do it at the appeals court level, too. I’ve known that. I’m just going to illustrate the whole thing for everybody. And then that gives us the time to, you know, to move forward and fight the globalists.”

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The Infowars host continued:

“But all of this is about the ongoing power grab that’s going on in this country. So what am I talking about? Because a lot of people are asking me to respond to this. You know, I learned about this 20 minutes before I went on air. And quite frankly, I’ve got all this incredible news that needs to be covered, and I just, I really think that what’s happening to me and to Infowars – I mean, I know it’s a symptom of the disease of globalism and the disease of corruption and decadence in this country and in the world in general and really of the end of the country as we know it. Now, it can be rebooted, hopefully, but the country, for all intents and purposes, is gone. This is modern warfare we’re under. And the country itself is being bankrupted and dissolved. And if I spend my time tactically talking to HBO or talking to The Wall Street Journal or running around trying to defend myself from the fake things they’ve launched against me, we’re going to lose the whole country and the planet.”

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