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WATCH: Alex Jones Says The Anti-Defamation League is Made up of Evil, Wicked Jews

WATCH: Alex Jones Says The Anti-Defamation League is Made up of Evil, Wicked Jews

Alex Jones seems like a man who has nothing to lose. His family life is in shambles. He has taken a beating in lawsuits filed from the Sandy Hook shooting families. And he has been taken off of numerous money-making platforms.

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The InfoWars host decided to pull no punches during his Thursday show while talking about the Anti-Defamation League. Jones began, “Are there some evil, wicked Jews, and corrupt Jewish mafia out there? Absolutely. The Jewish mafia created the ADL in 1913 when a pedophile raped and killed a little girl, and they didn’t like the fact that he got in trouble, so they said, we’re founding this organization to do this. And that’s who the ADL is.”

The host continued:

“And it’s an evil organization, it’s very anti-American, who gives awards to George Soros, a Nazi collaborator, and award to Arnold Schwarzenegger who on record told Rolling Stone he loves Hitler. I don’t love Hitler. I researched Hitler, I don’t think Hitler is cool. I know Hitler killed a bunch of people including a bunch of Jews, and I think that’s wrong. But I will not now take on the identity of Hitler because the official terrorism perspective of the FBI and Joe Biden is — I think the election was stolen, and I don’t like open borders, and I don’t like forced inoculations, you say I’m a white supremist. That is the definition of that, is someone that doesn’t turn my body over to you.”

Watch a clip of the segment below, courtesy of Media Matters:

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