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WATCH: Alex Jones Says Right-Wing Media Is Openly Following His Example

WATCH: Alex Jones Says Right-Wing Media Is Openly Following His Example

Alex Jones — yes, the radio host who was ordered to pay damages after calling school shooting victims crisis actors, and pushed the pizzagate conspiracy — says that right-wing media is learning from him, and that they openly say so (at least to him).

AUSTIN, TEXAS – APRIL 25: Alex Jones attends a protest outside the Texas State Capitol during a rally calling for the reopening of Austin and Texas on April 25, 2020 in Austin, Texas. Governor Greg Abbott has said he is consulting with medical professionals to create a plan to safely reopen the state of Texas and is expected to make an announcement in the coming days. (Photo by Gary Miller/Getty Images)

When Jones propagated the Pizzagate story — a false claim that the Clinton family was tied to child sex trafficking that was being carried out in the basement of a pizzeria — one of his true believers showed up at the shop with a rifle and fired shots in the restaurant, believing he was coming to the heroic rescue of innocents. As NPR reported at the time, Jones apologized in 2017, the same day that the suspect pled guilty, but distanced himself from any fault in the matter.

In the case of Sandy Hook, Jones was ordered to pay damages to families of victims after his claims that they were crisis actors carrying out a fake display of child murder for the purpose of enabling gun control laws encouraged his fans to harass the mourning families for years.

And, in one of the most believable things he’s ever said, Jones says that Tucker Carlson, as well as some world leaders, say they’re learning from and following his example.

Sure enough, Carlson is promoting the false notion that Critical Race Theory is being taught in elementary schools, and that teachers who acknowledge the existence of LGBT people are “grooming” kids — all of which clearly stirs up their base. Carlson has even fantasized about men going to schools to “thrash” these teachers.

Alex Jones has claimed in other court proceedings (when it was personal — a child custody case) that he’ just a ‘performance artist’ who ‘plays a character’ on his radio show, as The Wrap reports. Clearly, though, some of his listeners take him at his word and aren’t afraid to act on it — and according to him, right-wing media is following his example.

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