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WATCH: Alex Jones Says NY AG is Like Hitler and Gun Owners Are Like The Jews

WATCH: Alex Jones Says NY AG is Like Hitler and Gun Owners Are Like The Jews

The NRA has struggled with mismanagement and infighting for a number of years. Letitia James laid out that financial mismanagement in a lawsuit filed against the organization on Thursday. The New York Attorney General is also calling on the NRA to be disolved.

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Radio host Alex Jones and former musician and now NRA board member Ted Nugent want to help save the gun rights group. During a strange segment that aired on Friday, the pair likened the NRA to Jews and Letitia James to Hitler.

Nugent began the conversation by saying of James, “We know this New York attorney general hates gun owners.”

Jones cut in, “I was about to say, how can you have Hitler investigate, say, Jews?” The former rock star responed, “It’s unbelievable. You know why they hate me, because I’m Schindler but I got a whole bunch of more Jews that I’m saving and the Nazis hate me for that.”

The radio host ended the conversation by proclaiming, “Beautiful. Well, I believe the NRA’s done nothing wrong. I’ve had them lie about me with financial stuff, it’s total fiction, total fraud. The NRA does a great job, especially since you got involved. It’s really gotten hardcore and we love you. We need to get NRATV going again.”

Watch a clip of the segment below, courtesy of Media Matters:

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