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WATCH: Alex Jones Says Men’s Genitals Are Shrinking During COVID and Vaccine Rant

WATCH: Alex Jones Says Men’s Genitals Are Shrinking During COVID and Vaccine Rant

Alex Jones is in severe financial trouble. As a result, the InfoWars host has spent much of his time begging his listeners to buy his merchandise. But the host hasn’t forgotten about conspiracy theories entirely.

AUSTIN, TX – APRIL 18: Infowars founder Alex Jones interacts with supporters at the Texas State Capital building on April 18, 2020 in Austin, Texas. The protest was organized by Infowars host Owen Shroyer who is joining other protesters across the country in taking to the streets to call for the country to be opened up despite the risk of the COVID-19. (Photo by Sergio Flores/Getty Images)

During a recent show, Jones discussed the topic of gay frogs. And during the segment, the host went off on a tangent about male genitalia size.

“That’s why genitals, I don’t care if you’re black or white, are a third of the size they were of a 1960s male,” Jones remarked. “So the media makes jokes about that, a few months ago when I gave the example of. If your daddy’s johnson was a foot long, yours is six inches long. And if yours was six inches, your son will be three inches. So they can make jokes about that all day long, but, this isn’t a game.”

The InfoWars host continued, “They are targeting all of us, together, right now. We are being hit by chemical and biological attack. Anyone that has survived Covid or the poison shots, is the survivor of a biological, nanotech, synthetic, genetically engineered system.”


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