WATCH: Alex Jones Loses It On Elon Musk

When he took over Twitter, Elon Musk moved fast to reinstate the accounts he felt had been unfairly censored by the previous management team. Of course, the vast majority of these accounts belonged to those on the far-Right wing. 

Jones, though, doesn't think that Musk is doing enough to help him on the site. The controversial radio host believes that the X owner is intentionally preventing supporters from seeing his posts. 

Jones told viewers on Monday, "But we're not sure if Elon Musk is behind this or if it's ghost of the machine, employees and people that, after he goes by and see something happening and freeze it up. They come back and incrementally put the shadow-banning systems in place."

The host continued, "[Infowars] put out one article that just a hundred percent proves in this one area, InfoWars is being massively censored on X, formerly Twitter. This is being blocked because now, when Elon Musk took back over or took it over, what was it a year plus ago? He said he would bring freedom, you know, back."

Jones closed, "we need to have a discussion about that and find out why that is and what changes have been made, or is he doing what Google did 25 years ago where they're open and free at first could get everybody on the platform, and it works so great, and it's so wonderful. Then over time, they start bringing in controls until now it's a complete and total fraud."