WATCH: Alex Jones Claims Tucker Carlson Credits the Conspiracy Theorist for “Waking Him Up”

Tucker Carlson has always been a bit of a kook. But it has seemingly gotten much worse since Donald Trump lost the 2020 election.

Photo by Sergio Flores/Getty Images

The Fox host has ramped up his conspiracy theorizing. Each night, his viewers get a heaving helping of vaccine hesitancy, insurrection gaslighting and denials that racism exists. According to Alex Jones, that has a lot to do with him.

The radio host said during a recent segment:

“This is bad. And we need to see what Tucker Carlson is doing duplicated. And I don’t tell this story before I play this clip to go, ‘Look how great Alex Jones is.’ But even if they kill me or put me in prison, this is a big satisfaction point in success and completion of the mission. If I could wake up Tucker Carlson — and Tucker has told me face-to-face, credited me with helping wake him up to a great extent. He’s a super smart guy, once he shifted his awareness and became cynical then he sees ever more than I do, you understand? And he’s more eloquent in many ways. But I’ve woke up countless others, ladies and gentlemen. This show has and that means you have by supporting us. And that means you can go out and wake others up who will be powerful forces for good against this evil, and then my job will be complete. In fact, we’re very close to converting even more major thought leaders and even if I disappeared at this point, I think I can say my main mission — and I know God has other missions for me, and I intend to keep going on — but I do feel a great feeling of completion.”

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