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WATCH: Alex Jones’ Claims About the COVID Vaccine are Completely Insane

WATCH: Alex Jones’ Claims About the COVID Vaccine are Completely Insane

Alex Jones is claiming that people who take the vaccine will suffer from serious long term health issues and will be dead within ten years.

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Hopefully, most Americans aren’t following the medical advice dished out on InfoWars. In the past, Alex Jones has claimed that chemicals are turning frogs gay and that added flouride in drinking water could lower your IQ by 20 points.

But the InfoWars host has saved some of his most outrageous disinformation for the COVID-19 vaccine. He made some wild accusations about the inoculation during a recent show.

Jones told his audience, “basically, anyone taking these vaccines, they’re all designed to do the same thing. Umm, they’re going to have neurological disorders within one year. Most of the people taking the vaccine will be dead in ten. Look, Johns Hopkins says it all right here.”

The right-wing host continued, “I know another person in Austin, whose elderly father took the vaccine and was dead two days later. I mean, I’m sitting here watching them killing people. And you’ll notice,  Netanyahu and the British Prime Minister, they’re not taking the shots. The plungers are empty, they put the needle behind the arm.”

Jones closed, “let me tell you something. You take the MRNA, it creates plaque in your brain and gives you Alzheimers. And I got the studies too.”

Watch a clip of the wild accusations below:

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