WATCH: Alan Dershowitz Wants to Represent Trump in Colorado Case if His Wife Will Let Him

During a podcast appearance, Alan Dershowitz said that he would be willing to defend Donald Trump in his Colorado ballot case. He just needs to ask his wife it its ok. 

Alan Dershowitz was once one of the most famous defense attornies in the country. He also will tell anyone who will listen that he votes Democrat and contributes to Democratic causes. 

Despite these claims, the lawyer has been quite willing to defend Republicans accused of wrongdoing, especially Donald Trump. And this defense of Trump has caused the lawyer's reputation to take quite a tumble. 

Dershowitz told Bannon, "If this kind of craziness is allowed to go forward with individual states disqualifying Trump off the ballot — if he loses, he's not going to accept that loss. This is about the worst, most dangerous, and unconstitutional decision I've read in my 60 years of teaching and practicing criminal law."

The lawyer continued:

"I would be very, very tempted, and I'd have to listen to my wife on that one, because you can't imagine how our lives have been disrupted by the fact that I represented President Trump on a constitutional ground. I was trying to follow the footsteps of John Adams, who represented the Boston Massacre people, but it totally disrupted our life, the life of my family, and every other way."

Dershowitz closed, "I would do it in a minute, but I have to consult with my family before I would put them through again the kind of McCarthyism that they've been put through, because I exercised a Sixth Amendment right and defended somebody against serious charges."