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WATCH: Al Gore Says Biden Off to the Best Start of Any President Since FDR

WATCH: Al Gore Says Biden Off to the Best Start of Any President Since FDR

In a different political system, Al Gore would have become president in 2020. Like Hillary Clinton in 2016, Gore won the popular vote, but did not take over the White House. Instead, he’s spent the last 20 years fighting for environmental initiatives.

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And sometimes, Gore comes back to opine on the political issues of the day. That was the case on Monday night when he appeared on Don Lemon’s show. And the former Vice President spent much of the spot gushing about the job being done by Joe Biden.

Gore told the host, “First of all, I am so proud of President Joe Biden, really and truly, this is not a partisan comment. Our country needs this kind of leadership. I honestly think he is off to a stronger start in the first 50-some-odd days of any president since Franklin Delano Roosevelt. I really — I see it.”

The former Vice President continued, “He’s offering healing words to the country and he’s trying to encourage people to get vaccinated. He’s going out there and promoting the vaccination program and making sure that the economic rescue is fully implemented.”

Gore also blasted Republican attempts to pass voting rights law. He told Lemon, “restricting voting access is un-American.

Watch a clip of the interview below, courtesy of CNN:

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