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WATCH: After Jim Jordan Denies Saying Trump Is Running In 2024, Journalist Brings The Tapes

WATCH: After Jim Jordan Denies Saying Trump Is Running In 2024, Journalist Brings The Tapes

Donald Trump and his surrogates are hard at work at what must be their favorite pastime: pushing a narrative about his imminent return. A few are skipping over the more conspiracy-laden version of the story, in which some political feat results in ‘reinstatement,’ going instead for the somewhat more believable, though still perhaps unlikely, notion that the ousted ex-president will simply run again in 2024.

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However, perhaps Trump hasn’t given them permission to declare his (hypothetical) run as a definite thing yet. His advisor, Jason Miller, has claimed it’s happening, but posited it as a “99-100%” certainty, rather than a definite announcement.

Now it appears that Representative Jim Jordan (R-OH) may have erred in telling supporters that he “knows” Trump is running, and that the announcement is imminent. After Lauren Windsor, of The Undercurrent, initially shared it on Twitter, Politico reporter Olivia Beavers took a statement from Jordan’s office, denying it.

However, if disclosing the purported plan was a mistake on Jordan’s part, lying about it was a bigger one — because a good journalist keeps receipts.

Sure enough, Windsor whared the video below, in which Jordan clearly declares that Trump is running, and

“President Trump, he’s gonna run again,” Jordan says.

Someone notvisible on camera asks him, “Do you think so?”

“I know so. I talked to him yesterday. He’s about ready to announce after all this craziness in Afghanistan.”

Trump’s plans for 2024 have been a constant source of speculation, with some close to him saying that he’ll be too tied up with legal issues, or that he’s not interested in being President again. His niece Mary Trump has warned, however, that she believes her uncle will “pretend to run” so that he can keep fundraising.

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