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[WATCH] After Colorado and Georgia Mass Shootings, Heather Gardner Calls for Gun Reform Now!

[WATCH] After Colorado and Georgia Mass Shootings, Heather Gardner Calls for Gun Reform Now!

The most recent American mass shooting in Boulder, Colorado, marks the seventh mass shooting that took place in the week leading up to the massacre in Boulder.

The new year, not even three months old, has started right where 2020 left off as there have been 108 mass shootings in America compared to the 611 mass shootings experienced in 2020, the most on record since the Gun Violence Archive started keeping track.


Since the coronavirus pandemic grabbed most of the news headlines over the past year, mass shootings often went unnoticed. But as Heather Gardner brilliantly points out in the most recent episode, 2020 was one of the worst years ever on record for gun violence and gun reform is needed now.

If you are wondering how bad gun violence is in America, just look at the United States compared to other developing countries around the world, via NPR. America sticks out like a sore thumb.

But the countless gun deaths Americans experience every single year do not have to be a reality.

Research from the New York Times suggests that the United States’ gun problem stems from having too many guns available. As you can see below, the United States has by far the most guns per civilian and gun deaths.

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Unfortunately, the Republican party blocks any attempt made to pass gun reform and help save the lives of the American people. But that is why people need to make their voices heard and demand gun reform, just as Gardner is using her platform on the Divided State of America to talk about gun violence and help demand a solution.

While the Republicans try to avoid the crisis that is gun violence in America, the Republicans have tried to stoke a new crisis on the border led by Ted Cruz.

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