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WATCH: Adam Schiff Says He Has “Yet To See Evidence” DOJ Is Seriously Investigating Donald Trump

WATCH: Adam Schiff Says He Has “Yet To See Evidence” DOJ Is Seriously Investigating Donald Trump

Attorney General Merrick Garland has repeatedly assured Americans that Donald Trump’s wealth and power do not exempt him from investigation and that the Department of Justice is pursuing the facts regarding every individual implicated in illegal efforts to overturn the 2020 Presidential Election. However, Representative Adam Schiff says he’s not seeing it.

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In the past week, there has been a significant shift in the Justice Department’s public actions in the case. Previously the primary investigative efforts that had been visible to the American voter were merely prosecutions of those who were physically at the Capitol on January 6th, and the charges of seditious conspiracy against several militia members.

There was some hope that the conspiracy charges would lead to the connections between these militia groups and elected legislators, as well as Donald Trump’s inner circle, perhaps even including the former president himself, but these connections and any charges associated with them have not so far surfaced.

However, in the past week, we’ve seen the DOJ move with subpoenas and search warrants on several individuals accused of taking part in another aspect of the election conspiracy — the fake elector scheme.

Does this get the investigation any closer to Trump himself? Representative Schiff says he isn’t seeing signs of it so far.

Schiff says that he’s particularly concerned about the consequences for the U.S. if Trump is allowed to subvert the election process and walk free with no repercussions.

“There’s sufficient evidence to believe the former president violated multiple Federal laws…I think the worst case scenario is not that Donald Trump runs and wins, but that he runs and loses, and they overturn the election, because there’s no deterrent, because there’s no effort to push back.”

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