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WATCH: Adam Schiff Lays Out January 6th Committee’s Plans & Goals For Public Hearings

WATCH: Adam Schiff Lays Out January 6th Committee’s Plans & Goals For Public Hearings

The January 6th Committee’s public hearings begin this week, and they’ve already indicated that they believe they have enough evidence to show a conspiracy and support criminal referral for former president Donald Trump. Now, Representative Adam Schiff is laying out the goals for public hearings, explaining what he and his colleagues hope to achieve.

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On Thursday at 8pm, the first of the January 6th Committee’s public hearings will air live. According to CNN, witnesses who may be called include former vice president Mike Pence’s chief counsel, Greg Jacob; Pence’s chief of staff Marc Short, and former federal Judge J. Michael Luttig, who reportedly gave advice to Pence before January 6th.

Schiff makes it clear that his goal isn’t to convince MAGA, but to put the evidence out clearly for everyone with an open mind to receive it.

“Our goal is to present the narrative of what happened in this country and how close we came to losing our democracy, what led to that violent attack on the 6th…Perhaps most important is, the public hasn’t seen it woven together, how one thing led to another, how one line of effort to overturn the election led to another, and ultimately led to violence…We want to tell that comprehensive narrative. We’re aiming at people, an audience, frankly, that still has an open mind about these facts. We want to counter the continuing propagation of big lies.”

Schiff says that the public has already seen a lot of the bombshell evidence that has come up in the investigation, but that there’s still a lot to reveal, and that a significant part of the plan is to place all those bombshells together into a coherent and clear sequence of events.

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