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WATCH: Adam Schiff Explains Why “Autocratic Cult” GOP Is Hard To Work With

WATCH: Adam Schiff Explains Why “Autocratic Cult” GOP Is Hard To Work With

The Republican Party is currently centered around Donald Trump in a huge way. While a handful of GOP legislators have rejected Trump, his rhetoric, and the conspiracy theories focused on the 2020 election, a majority are still inextricably tied to the former president. Representative Adam Schiff says that’s a problem.

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Because of the way that Trump demands loyalty and obeisance, Republican legislators have been forced to choose. Those who have opposed him have been the subject of his attacks, and he’s endorsing primary challenges to oust them from Congress. In fact, Schiff says, the party is now “an autocratic cult around Donald Trump,” and while Americans are getting frustrated with Congress’ inability to move necessary legislation, he says Democrats are struggling to work with a group that “is not interested” in doing anything to govern, or even keep the country functional and solvent.

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This isn’t entirely new. Mitch McConnell (R-KY), when he was Senate Majority Leader, became known as the Grim Reaper of legislation during the Obama Administration, because his desk was considered to be the place that bills went to die a slow, unattended death. Republicans were open about their refusal to put President Obama’s Supreme Court appointment through a hearing before the 2016 election, then pushing through Trump’s 3rd SCOTUS appointment only weeks before the election that removed him from office.

Now, though, perhaps more than ever, one individual holds a significant sway over the majority of the Republican party — and as Schiff explains it, their focus is all on Trump, rather than America.

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