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WATCH: Adam Kinzinger Slams Unserious “Children” In His Party For Disney Obsession

WATCH: Adam Kinzinger Slams Unserious “Children” In His Party For Disney Obsession

Marjorie Taylor Greene (R-GA) and other Republicans who are attacking Disney for speaking against an anti-LGBTQ rights law in Florida are acting like children, says Adam Kinzinger. In a new video he addresses members of his party who simply can’t be taken seriously, and others who he says House GOP Leader Kevin McCarthy isn’t taking seriously enough.

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Kinzinger’s complaints about his party at the moment center in two areas: those who have spoken supportively of Russia and Vladimir Putin during the invasion of Ukraine, who he thinks should be addressed and corrected by the party’s leadership, and those who distract from the most important issues by rage-baiting their fan base with wild claims — like accusing Disney of rampant pedophilia.

“We are being governed by a bunch of children. By a bunch of people that are not serious about running the United States of America…there is genocide going on in Ukraine and the outrage is over what’s happening on Walt Disney.”

Parents have been expressing concerns for decades about some of Disney’s portrayals, and Disney has, to varying extents, listened, updated, filled in gaps, and even pulled some movies from their streaming service in response. However, complaints about Disney aren’t usually as incomprehensibly contrived as the one below, in which you’ll see Marjorie Taylor Greene demonstrate exactly the unproductive and distracting behavior Kinzinger is describing.

“They are child predators, and I’m not kidding you. Look at what’s happening at Disney right now. Disney wants to completely take your children, and they want to indoctrinate them into sexual immoral filth.”

What’s she talking about? Well, certain right-wing ideologues are angry because Disney spoke out and said it didn’t support Florida’s new bill that targets teachers who acknowledge the existence of LGBTQ individuals in the classroom. That’s correct — a minimal standing up for LGBTQ rights is being portrayed as an attempt to ‘groom’ children for pedophilic purposes.

It’s less surprising that Kinzinger is disgusted at it than that he’s the only one speaking out.

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