WATCH: Adam Kinzinger Says Mike Johnson Will Bear Some Blame if Ukraine Loses War

Mike Johnson is not having an easy time presiding over the House GOP. It's hard to imagine any lawmaker could properly preside over the most dysfunctional body in American history. Still, Johnson had the opportunity to turn down the job, and instead he accepted it. 

Currently, Johnson is trying to come up with a way to push a Ukraine funding bill through his body but is not going well, due to warring faction. Former GOP Rep. Adam Kinzinger opined on Sunday that Johnson would be partly responsible if Ukraine loses the war. 

The former Illinois congressman told CNN's Jessica Dean, "Here’s what I think he should do. I mean, he’s going to survive. I would put dollars to donuts. He’ll be the speaker at the end of this term. Now, he’s either going to survive by succumbing to the, frankly, the terrorism of Marjorie Taylor Greene. Any time you know anything wants to get done, she’s going to hold this threat over his head, or he can survive by cutting a deal with the Democrats."

Kinzinger continued:

"Now he has to think about his conscience. Because I got to tell you, if Ukraine loses this fight, he will be the guy in the history books that are written about why Ukraine lost this fight. And they won’t necessarily say that he’s the one that pulled the aid, but he’s the one that could have done something which changed it. And, you know, as he’s developing whatever this package looks like, you know, there’s talks of loans and I guess there’s some potential agreement with that."