WATCH: Adam Kinzinger Claims RFK Jr.'s Campaign Has Been Hijacked by MAGA

Some Republicans are very excited about the candidacy of Robert F. Kennedy Jr. He comes from a famous Democratic family and the idea is that he might pull votes away from Donald Trump. The problem is, when Kennedy talks, he sounds like a far-Right winger. 

This week, the Independent candidate claimed that Joe Biden was a bigger threat to Democracy than Donald Trump. On Friday night, CNN's Kaitlan Collins brought Adam Kininger on her show to discuss Kennedy's comments. 

The former GOP congressman began:

"His campaign has been hijacked by MAGA. Maybe not ‘hijacked,’ maybe voluntarily. And so, you’re gonna start seeing more and more of this kind of [former President Trump] conspiracies, and he’s either going along with it, because that’s gonna help him raise money and get notoriety, or he truly believes it. Regardless, he’s absolutely wrong, and this is a frightening thing."

Kinzinger continued, "You can dislike Joe Biden, like, but you can’t with a straight face — this isn’t even… I mean, it’s not even subjective, this is like fact. You can’t with a straight face say that Joe Biden’s a bigger danger to democracy. Joe Biden has gone along with democracy as he’s president, he’s gone along with the rules of democracy. He’s not trying to overthrow any election results."