WATCH: Ad Campaign Targets Ron “Anon” Johnson For Promoting Big Lie, Downplaying 1/6 Riot

Lots of Republicans under Donald Trump’s white grievance spell continue to promote the big lie about the 2020 presidential election, but probably no one more so than Sen. Ron Johnson. The Wisconsin senator often couples his comments about the election with delusional statements downplaying the severity of the deadly Jan. 6 insurrectionist riot at the U.S. Capitol. He also doesn’t want people of color to vote.

A coalition of more than 20 prominent progressive groups and unions is launching a new ad campaign slamming Johnson for his response to the Jan. 6 riot and his vote against federal voting rights legislation. The coalition includes NAACP, Sierra Club, Planned Parenthood Action Fund, Working Families Party and the labor union National Education Association. Called Democracy for All 2021 Action, they advocate for federal voting legislation, District of Columbia statehood, and campaign finance reform.

It is spending $800,000 on a 30-second television spot and print ad campaign. The ad will air on local broadcast news and sports programs, national cable news shows including MSNBC, as well as Fox News Sunday and Face the Nation in Washington, D.C., on July 25.

“You’re failing us, Sen. Johnson. Protecting our democracy has never been partisan and yet you refused to investigate the deadly attack on our Capital,” the ad begins. The voice over narration is illustrated with images of rioters smashing windows at the Capitol and a brief clip of Johnson saying “by and large it was peaceful protest.”

The ad also criticizes him for blocking the For the People Act, Democrats’ sweeping elections and campaign overhaul bill that would have required all states to offer early voting.

“Access to the polls matters to all Americans, and yet you blocked voter protections that have the support of Democrats, Republicans, and Independents,” the narrator says.

A print version of the ad will run in 10 local newspapers including the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel and the Minneapolis Star Tribune.

“The only thing Ron Johnson is willing to protect is his own power,” the ad reads, urging voters to call the senator’s D.C. office. “Who’s Johnson working for? You or himself?”

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