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[WATCH] Acosta: ‘When We Have Entered the Realm of Coups and Hitler, We Have to Pause’

[WATCH] Acosta: ‘When We Have Entered the Realm of Coups and Hitler, We Have to Pause’

CNN’s Jim Acosta is the king of taking on King Baby.

And while his audience has enjoyed watching Acosta take on the worst of the worst and gotten our share of laughs from watching him expose their collective stupidity, he also knows how to get our attention by getting very serious about what’s actually happening in our country right now.

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(I will never not love that side-by-side of Jim Acosta and the Annoying Yelling Orange)

While Acosta might still employ his usual wry humor (“Somebody let us know if Trump is spotted in a White Ford Bronco on the run with Rudy Giuliani”), he couldn’t have been more serious when he addressed the fact that the nation is still very much in danger after the events of January 6th. President Biden may lay a lot of the blame on the rise of social media and its lack of consequences, but Acosta argues that the President needs to take it even further.

Acosta notes that House GOP Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy just paid a visit to the “Insurrectionist-in-Chief” and the chances for a second attempt at another insurrection are increasing. Trump supporters are continuing to call for a coup despite the election being over nearly nine months ago.

Sharing the sound bite of Trump trying to reframe the January 6th insurrection as a “loving crowd of millions”, Acosta pointed out just one example of Trump’s dangerous rhetoric being accepted as fact. But the most serious part of the segment is when Acosta reaches the part where he discusses the Joint Chiefs and their fear that Trump was attempting to stage a coup “like Hitler”, a direct quote from General Mark Milley. Watch Acosta’s full remarks, below.

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