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[WATCH] Acosta Torches Trump: ‘Go Play President Somewhere Else’

[WATCH] Acosta Torches Trump: ‘Go Play President Somewhere Else’

Nobody owns Donald Trump quite like Jim Acosta. The two famously sparred in the White House Briefing Room and along the press lines as Trump would bellow over the sound of Marine One’s awaiting rotor blades. Acosta never once backed down from Trump, not even after he was temporarily banned from the White House because someone has such thin skin.

In the months since Trump transitioned from not working in the nation’s capital to not working in Florida and New Jersey, Acosta has landed a new anchor gig, which means he gets the chance to speak his mind without someone opening up their orange mouth to interrupt him, and it’s a thing of beauty to watch Acosta say all of the things people have been tweeting but could never actually say directly to the Orange Menace ourselves.

Mark Wilson/Getty Images; Chip Somodevilla/Getty Images

As the MAGA faithful gather in Texas for the second CPAC in six months because Trump needs lawyer money in New York, Acosta is someone who truly sees the scared narcissist within. “Comparing Trump to clowns is an insult to clowns,” he said on CNN on Saturday, as he discussed the reason for his appearance at the second CPAC.

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Acosta took a look at the Florida Retiree’s recent activities, including a trip to the border and a speech at his New Jersey golf club, and concludes that Trump is “pretending to play president while also playing the victim”. This is also how he spent every day of his administration, but now everyone can say that quiet part out loud on CNN.

Watch Jim Acosta hand Trump his own FUPA right to him, below.


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