[WATCH] Acosta Slams ‘Cult of Trump’ Over ‘Cancel Culture’

Jim Acosta was one of the former guy’s favorite journalist targets. Acosta famously lost his White House Press Pass for a brief amount of time after he dared do his job by asking questions. Acosta gained himself a devoted following both on CNN and on Twitter for his no-f’s-given approach to covering Trump, never backing down no matter how many times he was insulted and trolled.

Acosta’s experience has given him one of the more unique perspectives when it comes to cutting through the political smokescreens and telling it like it is. Aside from recently referring to Fox News as “a bullshit factory” and Tucker Carlson its “chief white power correspondent,” Acosta has taken off his kid gloves when it comes to the Republican Party.

On Saturday, Acosta took on the network’s coverage of so-called “cancel culture” and the right-wing network’s panic over Snow White, Dr. Seuss, and Mr. Potato Head being “canceled.”

Acosta seemed to sum up the last four and half years in one part of his rant:

“This is faux outrage. It feels like it’s coming off an assembly line, you might say at a factory. But here’s the thing, the same far-right voices railing against cancel culture, they love to cancel, silence, harass, and banish anyone who won’t pucker up and show some love to Donald Trump’s ‘Big Lie’ about the 2020 election,” he explained.

“Forget Snow White, it’s the cancel cult of Trump that really bites,” Acosta said. “Wake up!”

Watch Jim Acosta’s entire segment, below.

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