WATCH: ABC’s Roland Martin Calls Out Chris Christie For Abetting Donald Trump

For the last few months, Chris Christie has been speaking out against Donald Trump and his administration. In the years before that, however, Christie was advising and helping the 45th president.

JIM WATSON/AFP via Getty Images

Christie only seemed to back away from Trump once he contracted COVID due to the administration’s recklessness. So when the former New Jersey mayor tried to attack his long-time friend on Sunday, he was quickly rebuked by Roland Martin.

The ABC panelist praised a recent speech given by Christie at a Republican event. The former governor had been critical of his former friend and the direction of the Republican party. Martin continued:

“You have to admit the role that you played in putting the person in leadership who is driving the conspiracy theories. It’s one thing to condemn them after the fact, but you have to own up to the role that you played in putting the person in power.”

After Christie said that he ran against Trump in 2016, Martin retorted, “when a person has principles, morals and values, they do not support them, even if you lose. Any Republican who stood with him has to own it and accept the role they played.”

Christie countered, “I’ll sleep fine tonight with you judging my morals. We all get to make choices, Roland, in this democracy. I made my choice. I’m on record, and I’m not walking away on my choice. But it does not preclude me from being critical when the person I did support does things I’m against.”

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