[WATCH] Aaron Blake Says Kayleigh McEnany’s Explanation Regarding Russia Bounty Intel is Illogical and Contradictory

Aaron Blake of the Washington Post took on Kayleigh McEnany in an op-ed regarding her claims about Russian bounty intel. The New York Times recently revealed that Russia has been paying Afghan insurgents bounties to kill U.S. soldiers. The kicker is that President Trump knew about it and did nothing. Blake says that McEnany answers on the topic, “match up with President Trump’s, nor did they jibe with basic logic.”

Blake wrote, “First, there was a significant disconnect between what McEnany said and what Trump said Sunday night. Trump claimed that not only was it inaccurate to say he had been briefed on the Russian-bounties intelligence, but also that the intelligence itself wasn’t credible. … But McEnany on Monday didn’t echo that. Rather than say that the information wasn’t credible, she instead suggested that it was merely unconfirmed. She said repeatedly that there was ‘no consensus,’ that there were ‘dissenting opinions,’ and that the ‘veracity of the underlying allegations continue to be evaluated.’”

McEnany also claimed that Trump did not have a response to Russia after the report came out because he had not been briefed, which Blake finds hard to believe. He writes, “[Trump] said he had spoken with ‘intel’ about the matter and heard back that the intelligence wasn’t credible, but McEnany now says he hasn’t even been briefed on it. Wouldn’t speaking to ‘intel’ constitute a briefing of some sort?”

He continued, “It’s also worth emphasizing that she seemed to significantly scale back his denial of the intelligence,” he continues. “We’ll surely find out in the days ahead how compelling lawmakers and others found this intelligence.” You can read the entire op-ed here.

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