[WATCH] A Wake Up Call For Republicans: “Start The Deprogramming”

With Donald Trump about to slink away from his failed presidency in disgrace, Republicans across the country are struggling with what comes next for them. Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell (R-Ky.) seems intent on purging Trumpism from the GOP. Others like Lindsey Graham keep trying to play political bank shots by declaring we still love you, your Supreme Court justices and your tax cuts but not your Capitol Hill riot so much. It’s actually kind of fun watching them all try to perform those cynical political gymnastics.

If any Trump supporters actually are looking for solid advice about what their next move should be, they might want to turn to Matthew Cooke. Cooke is an Oscar-nominated documentary director who has put up numerous video messages during Trump’s presidency and has put his writing and directing skills to work for Bernie Sanders.

Cooke’s latest video, “Wake Up Call For Republicans,” is a riveting nine minutes of clarity in which Cooke delivers super hard truths.

(Photo by Win McNamee/Getty Images)

“Joe Biden was elected president by over seven million votes. And you’re confused because you didn’t see us flock to his rallies and cheer his smackdowns like we were at a pro wrestling event during a global pandemic. We don’t wear matching hats or have ‘No Malarkey’ flags waving from the back of our trucks. Do you know why? Because Biden is not our tribal warlord.”

Cooke is unsparing in his criticism of the media outlets that have amplified Trumpism. “We have multiple converging crises that need adult supervision but we are being distracted trying to get control over a critical mass of you who no longer believe in reality. The most sophisticated mass media tools ever created have eviscerated your powers of discernment and there’s a gold rush on slinging alternative facts, making millions while taking you for a ride. But you need to wake up now and start the deprogramming.”

Settle in and watch.

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