WATCH: A Strong Wind Blows Over Part of Trump’s Border Wall

Since the day he announced he would be seeking the Presidency, Donald Trump has been talking about walls. The President frequently talked about the need for a strong border wall to keep out drug dealers, rapists and bad hombres.

STR/AFP via Getty Images

Despite very little new construction, Trump has often bragged about the strength of the walls he placed on the US/Mexican border. That strength was tested on Wednesday when a strong breeze blew over a portion of wall that was only recently built.

The President initially had issues receiving the funding he needed to build the wall. Critics of the project argued that additional border wall would do almost nothing to stem illegal immigration or drug smugglers. Trump made the wall a hallmark of his campaign, though, and has been aggressive about moving the project forward.

In bragging about the wall, Trump talked about it almost as a memorial to himself. He told reporters in 2019, “What I do best in life, I build. … I want it to be so beautiful because maybe someday they’ll call it ‘The Trump Wall.’ Maybe. If they call this ‘The Trump Wall,’ it has to be beautiful.”

Border patrol agents working at the wall said that this particular section had not yet set in the concrete.

See a video of the wall partially collapsing below:


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