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WATCH: A Sickly Looking Stephen Miller Tells Fox News It’s Joe Biden Who’s Inciting Violence

WATCH: A Sickly Looking Stephen Miller Tells Fox News It’s Joe Biden Who’s Inciting Violence

During his four year term, Donald Trump saw many of his closest advisers leave his administrations. One adviser, though, who was in for the long-term was Stephen Miller. Miller, who is on the SPLC’s list of extremists, often played to the ex-President’s worst instincts.

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While many Americans hoped that they would never have to see Miller again, Laura Ingraham had him on her show Thursday. And the ex-Trump adviser surprised no one by ginning up fear against immigrants.

Ingraham began by discussing Joe Biden’s deportation freeze. “For all the left’s talk of former President Trump’s alleged incitement, well, our next guest says President Biden opened the door to violence. Joining me now is Miller — Stephen Miller.”

Miller responded:

“If you read the text of this order, it is breathtaking and mind-boggling. It holds all deportations, all deportations, for 100 days, including the most hardened criminals living in United States. That means child molesters, sex offenders, drug dealers, gang members, MS-13, all shielded from removal. This is a priority of our new president? With a raging pandemic? His top priority?”

The former adviser later said, “With this memo, what it says is that Americans are second-class citizens in their own country. It says while you’re locked in your home, subject to one mandate after another, while you can’t go to a restaurant or bar, whatever you may think about the lengths of those measures, if you’re an illegal alien you can do whatever you want, including committing crimes against U.S. citizens.”



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