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[WATCH] A Black Family Is Terrorized By A Racist White Woman While Moving Into New Home

[WATCH] A Black Family Is Terrorized By A Racist White Woman While Moving Into New Home

A video has surfaced showing a white woman shouting racial slurs at a family as they move into their new home. She also accuses them of breaking the law by moving in after dark and threatens to call the police. The altercation is believed to have happened in Michigan and the video has gone viral on Twitter.

The video starts with the woman complaining about her new neighbor’s after-dark move and accuses them of breaking the law. The woman complained, “You’ve been screaming since what time? You just moved in.” The man responds, “Have we? You’re the one screaming right now.”

The woman begins using racial slurs. She says, “You all are n****rs makings a scene!” A woman who is filming responds, “I’m going to find out where you work and you’re going to lose your job.” The white woman responds, “I get paid by the government!” The man warns, “You can’t say that word.”

The white woman shouts, “Really, n****r? You’re a n****r.” The filming asks, “What the fuck is wrong with you?”

The white woman responds, “N****rs waking me up at 3:30! I’ve got a phone too. I’m using it to call the cops.”

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The identity of the woman has been uncovered as Jessica Evans. She took to Facebook to defend her use of the racial slur. She wrote,

“I called some very white people the n-word. And all these crazy racists associated it with black people and call me the bad guy.” She continued, “Well, they must have ran out of meth last night cause they were louder than usual. They were so messed up that they couldn’t find the keys to leave for hours.”

As Evans finished her bizarre rant she started complaining about black people not having IDs. She wrote,

“It’s just like how all us Right (sic) folks think black people are capable of getting an ID and the Left (sic) think they aren’t. The left don’t think black people are as smart as whites and they think WE are the racists because we think they are equal to us.” She added, “Democrats are STILL fighting to keep their slaves.”

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