WATCH: 86 Year Old Holocaust Survivor Slams Joe Rogan for Likening Vaccine Passports to Nazi Germany

It hasn’t been long since Joe Rogan signed a major deal with Spotify. And throughout the first year with the company, Rogan has regularly caused controversy with his comments about COVID-19.

Photo by Michael S. Schwartz/Getty Images

Rogan, who identifies as a Libertarian, told young people that if they are healthy, there is no need for them to get vaccinated. And after he contracted the illness himself, the podcaster pushed Ivermectin as a treatment.

And during a recent show, the Spotify host shared a video which likened vaccine passports to Nazi Germany. That enraged Gidon Lev. This week, the 86 year old Holocaust survivor posted a Tik Tok video slamming the host.

Lev began, “Mr. Joe Rogan… I am an 86-year-old survivor of the Holocaust and I saw your video on American freedom and the COVID vaccine. It included images of the Holocaust and of Adolf Hitler, the monster who murdered my father, 26 members of my family, and 6 million Jews and others.”

The Holocaust survivor continued, “You are absolutely not promoting freedom. Remove the video immediately… I am shocked by your lack of sensitivity.”


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During a recent interview with Haaretz, Lev explained, “Keeping people healthy and saving them from suffering is the exact opposite of what the Germans did. I want to explain to these people that forcing us to wear a star wasn’t for the purpose of identifying us; it was to dehumanize us. Doing something to try to save people’s lives with a vaccine is completely different.”

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