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[WATCH] 70% of GOP Believes in Racist ‘Great Replacement’ Theory

[WATCH] 70% of GOP Believes in Racist ‘Great Replacement’ Theory

White Republican male mediocrity is a blight on this country, and I can cite more examples than a commentary on the internet merits, but for today we’re talking about them broadcasting their racism loud and clear by perpetuating the racist dog whistle that is Great Replacement Theory.

Basically, the fragile snowflakes are deeply afeared that people with more melanin and better skills will come here from elsewhere and eventually become the majority in America, taking over leadership roles in government and industry and being better at it. That’s scary stuff to those delicate white egos. The problem is, scared people do scarier stuff than the stuff they’re scared of. And right now, the GOP is scared of a lot of things, so they’re falling back on one of their oldest default settings, systemic racism, as the next great replacement talking point to use as a diversion.

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If you’re surprised that they’re not even hiding their racism, xenophobia, and antisemitism, you haven’t been paying attention. The GOP always says the quiet parts out loud. They have no filters. They broadcast everything and then project it onto the Democrats. They keep serving up the same hate speech word salads, they just use different dressings.

The problem is that this Great Replacement Theory has real consequences thanks to the gun culture that goes right along with the hatefulness but also their proclaimed “Christianity.” The hypocrisy burns all of my fingertips and it would be great if anything could make the GOP stop cherry-picking both the Bible and the Constitution to justify their hate speech.

Trump’s Ultra MAGA GOP wants an all-white, God-fearing, poorly educated overpopulated America where there are no laws or restrictions over their guns, but it’s fine for them to control anyone with a uterus. Just some white nationalism with ties to Nazism, no big. Disturbing new poll data released by the Southern Poverty Law Center reveals a majority of Republicans agree with key tenets of the racist “Great Replacement” theory. SPLC’s Intelligence Project Director Susan Corke joined Jonathan Capehart on “The Sunday Show” to explain what that means for the future of the party.

Seems like they should all absolutely be replaced to me.

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