WATCH: 25 Year GOP Operative Quits Party Over Their Refusal to Condemn Trump

Tara Setmayer has spent her entire adult like working for Republicans. She began working on Republican campaigns in 1994 as a college student at George Washington University. She later worked as the communications director for former California congressman Dana Rohrbacher. After that, she moved into TV punditry, appearing on CNN, The View, Good Morning America and Real Time with Bill Maher.

Photo by Theo Wargo/Getty Images

And during all those appearances, Setmayer generally argued for the Conservative side of things. She will doing that no longer. On Thursday, she announced that she is leaving the party after they refused to repudiate Donald Trump over his attacks on Democracy.

Setmayer explained her decision in a video that she feels exactly as the members of the Lincoln Project do. She said that the GOP “abdicated their responsibilities and made a mockery of their oaths of office.”

The pundit also noted, “as a principled conservative and more importantly, American, I can no longer associate with a GOP that’s fully embraced the malignancy of Trumpism.”

Setmayer continued, “After last night I said that I would always reassess my role in the Republican Party depending on how this election went. I was cautiously optimistic and hopeful that there would be a repudiation of Trumpism and that would give Republicans like myself a possibility to rebuild and root this out and build the party anew.”

While Setmayer will be leaving the Republican party, she still considers herself a Conservative who will work to advance Conservative causes.

Watch a video where Setmayer explains her decision to leave the party below:

Editor’s Note: This post has been updated to include more background on the beginnings of Setmayer’s career. It also now notes that while Setmayer will no longer be a member of the Republican party, she will still work to advance Conservative causes.

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