WATCH: 13 Year Old Brayden Harrington Wishes Joe Biden Luck in Charming Video

Joe Biden has fought a stutter all his life. The GOP has been very aware of this during campaign season. Sarah Huckabee Sanders mocked the former vice president for his stutter during the Democratic presidential debates. It was also rumored that Chris Christie gave Donald Trump hints to trip up Biden’s stutter during the debates.

Photo by DNCC via Getty Images

But Biden has not only learned to succeed despite his disability, he has made sure to use his story to help others. One of those people is 13 year old Brayden Harrington who spoke during the DNC. On Sunday night, the Biden campaign released a video of the teenager wishing Biden luck in the upcoming election.

Harrington began the video, “When I first met you, I was holding in all those, all fear and feelings about my stutter, and it was really good to let that out to you — to somebody that I felt a connection with and to somebody who stutters.”

The inspiring teenager also had some advice for the presidential candidate if he begins to have trouble. “I just want to let you know that it’s ok to have a block,” he said. “And you’re probably not going to get a word out, this next debate. If you get a block, just do what you normally and keep that faith in your heart. And always remember that we’re going to be rooting for you and that we’re here for you.”

You can watch the video below, courtesy of Biden’s Twitter Feed:


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