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[WATCH] 13-Year-Old Boy & His 11-Year-Old Brother Are Restrained On American Airlines Flight

[WATCH] 13-Year-Old Boy & His 11-Year-Old Brother Are Restrained On American Airlines Flight

This isn’t a good week to be the Public Relations person for American Airlines.

On the same day the carrier announced it wouldn’t be mandating vaccinations for its employees (along with Southwest and Delta), an amateur video depicting the crew of a Maui to Los Angeles flight restraining a minor passenger who was acting “unruly” during the flight has gone viral.

FILE PHOTO: American Airlines flight 718, the first U.S. Boeing 737 MAX commercial flight since regulators lifted a 20-month grounding in November, lands at LaGuardia airport in New York, U.S. December 29, 2020. REUTERS/Eduardo Munoz/File Photo

Witnesses said the boy attempted to kick out the window next to his seat and became physical with his own mother about an hour into the flight. The video shows other passengers helping to restrain the teenage passenger. His 11-year-old brother was also acting unruly and had to be similarly restrained. American Airlines says flex cuffs were used to restrain the boy, and no duct tape was used. But that didn’t stop misinformation from spreading on Twitter, where users kept the duct tape narrative going.

While duct tape seems like an unlikely means of restraint, the incident involving the boy is far from the first. This year has brought an escalation of violence on airplanes and toward flight staff. Just last week, a man flying from Philadelphia to Miami was duct-taped to a seat by flight staff after he was accused of assaulting a male flight attendant and inappropriately touching two female flight attendants. As of Aug. 8, the Federal Aviation Administration had received more than 3,800 reports of unruly passengers on flights, despite launching a zero-tolerance policy in January. The agency was also actively investigating 655 cases, a massive increase from the 183 investigations conducted in 2020.

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The plane was diverted to Honolulu, where passengers were put on other flights or given hotel rooms. No arrests were made and no one was hurt. CBS Los Angeles covered the story, including the amateur video, below.

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