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Warren: Take Funds From Racist Border Wall and Use Them to Combat Coronavirus

Warren: Take Funds From Racist Border Wall and Use Them to Combat Coronavirus

Elizabeth Warren has had some disappointing finishes in the recent Democratic primaries. Those who choose to support Warren often point to her ideas on bettering the country.

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During a Wednesday night interview, Warren was asked about the current administration’s response to the coronavirus and how she would handle the crisis. The Massachusetts senator said her plan would be to pull all the current border wall funding and apply it to fighting the disease.

Speaking with CNN’s Don Lemon, Warren slammed the President for spending money on a wall. She told the host her plan would be to, “take every dime that the president is now spending on his racist wall at our southern border, and divert it to work on the coronavirus.”

The Massachusetts senator also slammed the idea that Mike Pence should be in charge of the US response to the disease. While governor of Indiana, Pence’s slow response to an HIV outbreak led to many unnecessary new cases.

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Ripping into the Vice President, Warren said Pence has a history of “putting politics over science.” She continued, “He is not the person who should be in charge.”

The candidate then tied Trump’s response into an analogy about the South Carolina primary. “Manufacturers right here in South Carolina are going to start running out of the parts they need, the ones that come from China or come from other nations that are affected,” she said. “You don’t wait until the factory is shut down before you start responding.”

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