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Warren Hopes to Close Race and Gender Pay Gaps

Warren Hopes to Close Race and Gender Pay Gaps

Elizabeth Warren, who is strong in policy proposal, has had a very strong start to her campaign for the 2020 nomination. The Massachusetts Senator’s plan to cancel out student debt has resonated with voters struggling to settle those accounts.

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Warren is now discussing a new proposal to help struggling Americans put more money in their pocket. She has proposed a series of Executive Orders she would use in order to close the pay gaps for women and minority workers.

Warren would hope to close the gap by penalizing companies who have bad track records of hiring a diverse workforce. She explained, “Forced arbitration and collective action waivers make it harder for employees to fight wage theft, discrimination, and harassment — harms that fall disproportionately on women of color.”

The candidate hopes her proposal would create chances for minority workers to obtain leadership positions. “Make the senior ranks of the federal government look like America,” she wrote. The federal government does a dismal job on diversity and inclusion. The share of Latinas in the federal workforce is about half that of the entire workforce. And even though Black women are disproportionately represented in the federal workforce, they are nearly absent from its leadership ranks.”

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Warren ended her piece by outlining exactly what she wanted to achieve. The candidate wrote, “It’s time to build an America that recognizes the role that women of color play in their families and in the economy, that fairly values their work, and that delivers equal opportunity for everyone.”

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