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Wanted Capitol Rioter Brazenly Attended Giuliani-Headlined Pa. GOP Event

Wanted Capitol Rioter Brazenly Attended Giuliani-Headlined Pa. GOP Event

To the FBI he’s wanted Capitol riot suspect #275. To Donald Trump-loving Pennsylvania state Sen. Doug Mastriano and Rudy Giuliani, he’s a welcomed guest.

Samuel Lazar, clearly recognizable in photos and video from the Jan. 6 insurrection, last week brazenly attended a GOP political event for the right wing Mastriano and even posed for pictures with the politician who had supported Trump’s effort to overturn the results of the 2020 presidential election. Former Trump attorney Rudy Giuliani was the headliner at the event.

Mastriano was the organizer of the makeshift hearing at the Wyndham Gettysburg and brought in Giuliani the day after state officials certified President Joe Biden defeated Trump in Pennsylvania by 81,000 votes.

At the May 15 event, in addition to Mastriano Lazar also was photographed with a number of other Republicans, including Teddy Daniels, a right-wing former police officer running for Congress in Pennsylvania’s 8th District; failed GOP House candidate and Senate hopeful Kathy Barnette; and state Rep. Stephanie Borowicz. A tipster sent the photos to HuffPost after spotting them on Facebook.

In one video from the deadly riot, Lazar uses a bullhorn to exhort the mob to “push forward.” In another, he’s seen spraying a substance at police on the steps of the Capitol.

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Lazar is known as #FacePaintBlowhard to online sleuths, who circulated images and videos of him as they traced his actions during the assault on police outside the Capitol. The FBI eventually posted an image of him online, looking for tips about his identity. What the bureau apparently didn’t realize at the time was that his name already was public information. Lazar was featured in his local paper days after the Capitol attack.

A Jan. 10 story on Lancaster Online chronicled some of Lazar’s trip in D.C., sometimes relying on the videos he posted. The story highlighted his military-style outfit and his patch, which read “Blessed be the LORD, my rock, who trains my hands for war, and my fingers for battle.”

Lazar was among the first to storm through the barricades, yelling in an officer’s face. He also helped the mob use a giant Trump sign as a battering ram against a police line.

In a video shot down the street from the Capitol, Lazar told onlookers that they “maced ’em [law enforcement officers] right the f*** back. F*** the tyrants. We need to hang these motherf******.”

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