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WA Post Writer: Low Newsmax Ratings Mean Trump’s ‘Grip On Our Attention’ Has Collapsed

WA Post Writer: Low Newsmax Ratings Mean Trump’s ‘Grip On Our Attention’ Has Collapsed

When Donald Trump left the White House in January to very little fanfare, political pundits wondered just how long the right’s love affair with the former guy would last. Would he be able to maintain his hold on the MAGA faithful without his Twitter pulpit? Could he still draw the crowds once he was out of the daily spotlight and back in seclusion in Florida? How would the news media survive without the fodder and the fury?

While there are indeed some remaining Trump allies in Congress, and there have definitely been a few stumbled by the media in covering President Joe Biden, it seems that at least the TV audience’s voracious appetite for all things Trump all the time has subsided over the last four months. Writing in the Washington Post, journalist Philip Bump opines that Trump has gone out with more of a whimper than a bang.

Bump writes about Trump’s new habit of calling into Newsmax to whine about whatever’s bothering him, something he used to do with other cable news outlets until they all decided he had to show up in person if he wanted the screen time (and he never showed up). But Newsmax was delighted to hear from him and gave him the time and attention he craved. The problem is, the audience didn’t care and the show tanked in the ratings Monday night.

Trump rambled and whined while touching on several topics. At one point he complained that he “doesn’t even know” what he’s watching anymore when he turns on a baseball game. Trump played baseball in high school and even went so far as to claim that he was almost recruited into the pros, despite issues hitting the ball. Trump lying about his life isn’t really anything new, so Bump took a different approach in his column.

Bump explains in his piece that back in April 2015, “no one was searching for Donald Trump on Google. He was scoring less than one-fourth as often as Kim Kardashian. Not a great number for a television host. By Nov. 2015, searches for him were below 1 percent.” But after he announced he was running for president, he blew up the news cycle and sucked all of the life out of it.

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Despite Trump clearly losing his massive social media audience, “There’s still an audience for this, of course,” writes Bump. “There is still a large group of people eager to hear what he has to say. It remains important that Trump is still pushing the same untrue claims about the election (Did you know that Georgians voted for Democratic Senate candidates in January because they were mad Trump lost?) and that there are still people hearing and believing them.”

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