WA Post Columnist: McConnell Has Given up on Trump Being Reelected

Prior to the Coronavirus becoming a United States problem, Donald Trump was in for a tough November battle with Joe Biden. Thanks to his handling of the pandemic, the President is now emerging as a major underdog to the Democratic candidate.

Photo by Mark Wilson/Getty Images

And it’s not only Trump who is polling terribly. Many Republican lawmakers are seemingly in deep trouble. According to Washington Post columnist, Paul Waldman, Mitch McConnell has given up on Trump being reelected and hopes to save some of those seats further down the ballot.

In the piece, titled, How Trump and McConnell are prolonging our economic nightmare, Waldman writes, “He [McConnell] has already given up on the idea of Trump being reelected, and he’s planning for the future.”

The Washington Post scribe continues, “McConnell knows what’s happening. He has surely looked around and realized that with the pandemic surging, there is simply no way the economy is going to come roaring back before November. He understands that the odds his party will retain control of the Senate are probably 50-50 at best.”

Waldman closes:

“If and when Biden becomes president in 2021, the situation will be no less dire than it is now — and maybe more so. And the worse things are in the country at that point, the better it is for Republicans. Just as they did when Barack Obama was president, they can blame Democrats for their own mistakes, then force austerity measures that sabotage the economy and slow the recovery.”

You can read the entire column in its entirety here

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