WA Gov. Inslee: Trump’s COVID Response is Reason to Remove him From Office

On January 21st of this year, the first case of COVID-19 was discovered in the state of Washington. That meant that the state’s governor, Jay Inslee, was one of the first lawmakers in the U.S. to respond to the pandemic. And Inslee has earned high marks for his response with a recent poll showing his approval rating at 67%.

Photo by Elaine Thompson-Pool/Getty Images

The Washington governor says that his actions to combat the virus have been done with little help or input from the federal government. In fact, Inslee recently remarked that Donald Trump response to the coronavirus pandemic is reason enough to remove the President from office.

The Democratic lawmaker made the comments while speaking with Rolling Stone magazine. He said that at the beginning of the outbreak, “We also assumed that we would have a functioning leadership at the federal level that would help be a stable, effective partner, and that has not been the case because of the abject lack of leadership from the president.”

Inslee then made a devastating comparison between Trump’s actions and then those of Franklin Roosevelt at the outset of World War II. He continued, ” It’s akin to Franklin Delano Roosevelt on December 8th, 1941, and for months thereafter, saying that Pearl Harbor was a hoax and that the battleships weren’t important and that the Japanese were going to surrender miraculously the next Monday. That’s kind of the scenario we have had from the current president.”

The Washington Governor was then asked about Trump urging his supporters to “liberate” certain states. “To encourage criminal misconduct is unconscionable,” he said, “irresponsible, and is a good cause to be removed from office as soon as possible.”

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