VP Mike Pence Staffer Diagnosed With COVID-19

A staffer for Vice President Mike Pence has tested positive for having the coronavirus. The news was confirmed on Friday by White House Press Secretary Kayleigh McEnany. This revelation answered the question as to why Pence’s trip to Iowa was delayed by an hour. Individuals going on the trip exited Air Force Two for seemingly no reason until the facts were confirmed.

The press pool aboard Air Force Two was told by a senior administration official that a Pence staffer had tested negative for coronavirus on Thursday but tested positive on Friday. Another Pence staffer tested positive in March. As a result, six people were removed from the plane for having been in contact with the infected person. The infected person was not on the plane. The senior official also informed the press that 10 staffers are tested daily. He also said, “the vice president and the President have not had contact with this person recently.”


Vice President Pence is the head of the Coronavirus Task Force and was on his way to Iowa to meet with religious leaders to discuss safe gathering procedures. They also discussed food supply.

This is not the first time a White House staffer has tested positive. It was reported earlier this that a valet for President Trump tested positive for the virus. The President told CNN he had, “very little personal contact” with the valet. Trump was tested by the White House physician, as a result.

The Mike Pence staffer testing positive comes not long after Mike Pence refused to wear a mask to the Mayo Clinic while visiting patients. as well as, not wearing on to deliver supplies to a nursing home on Thursday in Virginia. It will be interesting to see if the Vice President will keep risking it all when it comes to this virus.

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