WATCH: VP Mike Pence Is Caught Deliverying Empty Boxes Of PPE To Nursing Home

This past Thursday, Vice President Mike Pence, delivered boxes of PPE to a nursing home in Virginia. There was just one problem. The boxes were actually empty. In the video that is circulating Twitter, Pence appears to lift having boxes to the nursing home doorstep. Pence is wearing a microphone, but seems to be unaware that it is hot.

On the recording, you can hear someone inform Mike Pence that the boxes are empty. Mike Pence responds that they are good to go. This debacle comes at a time when nursing homes are among the biggest hot spots for coronavirus infections.  The Wall Street Journal reported on April 22 that nursing home deaths related to the coronavirus had topped 10,000. Personal Protective Equipment has been a hot button issue when it comes to the coronavirus fight. Many nursing homes are in need of protective gear as they work with some of the most vulnerable.


The coronavirus has killed a total of 76,000 Americans and left 33 million unemployed, according to NBC News. The overall response to the coronavirus effort has faced much criticism from American citizens who are struggling to survive. As states begin to slowly open back up there is worry that infection rates may also go up which will put more strain on essential healthcare workers. The faking of delivering PPE to a nursing home is the type of optics that the Trump administration does not need at this time. Pence has also been criticized for not wearing a mask when he visited the Mayo Clinic. Only time will tell what effect this latest development will have on the Trump administration.

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