VP Mike Forces CEOs To Not Wear Masks While Meeting Him

Despite having staffers test positive for the coronavirus this past week, Vice President Mike Pence had a group of CEOs meet him without wearing masks. This happened just hours after his press secretary tested positive. Pence has been known to not wear a mask himself despite repeated warnings to do so. He visited the Mayo Clinic without a mask despite the clinic’s policy to wear them. He also did not wear one while delivering supplies to a nursing home in Virginia.


The meeting with the group of food industry executives took place on Friday in Des Moines, Iowa. The meeting was delayed when it was discovered that press secretary, Katie Miller, tested positive for the virus. Several staffers were removed from the flight because they had been in contact with Miller.

The roundtable discussion included five food industry executives and was held at the headquarters of the supermarket chain, Hy-Vee, according to The Intercept. The executives were all wearing masks before being approached by a Pence staffer and asked to remove them. It seems that removing the masks was the only way Pence would approach the table. The Intercept said, “The strange request underscored just how committed the White House is to ignoring federal health advice intended to slow the spread of the pandemic coronavirus.” The Intercept added, “The Des Moines Register reported that, before the event, ‘staffers with gloves and masks took the temperatures of people who entered the building one at a time.’ Video of the hall showed that very few of the people in the audience were wearing masks.”

It seems that Vice President Pence never intends to wear a mask or talk shop with anyone wearing one. We can only wish that nothing dangerous comes from it. Let us pray for him.

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